We welcome all local stakeholders to Blue Grenada Day, if you are interested in participating, please contact Safiya Sawney at EMAIL.

Blue Grenada

The marine environment is critical to Grenada’s economy and closely linked to the island’s income generating tourism sector. Grenada’s tri-island ocean state is not just a hub of mar­itime activity, but also home to unique marine biodiversity .To ensure the sustainability of the island’s marine resources and the many benefits they provide, the Government of Grenada has committed to conserving 25% of its near shore marine space as part the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI)

Grenada’s Marine Protected Network spans its three islands and includes three established MPAs managed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries, the island’s MPA Management Committee and community stakeholders with support from The Nature Conservancy. The underwater sculpture garden found embedded on Grenada’s west coast within the Moliniere-Beausejour Marine Protected Area is listed as one of the top 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic.

To the north of the island is Kick ‘Em Jenny one of the few active underwater volcanoes in the Caribbean. In November 2013, Dr. Robert Ballard and his Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) team together with University of the West Indies discovered unique giant mussels and tube worms in cold seeps at 6,000ft below the sea surface. This unexpected discovery has marked Grenada as a potential global deep sea ocean exploration site for discovery of new and unique genetic marine species.

With the support of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Government, Grenada has prepared a coastal master plan and blue growth investment prospectus to be launched during Blue Week 2016. (Download)


Blue Grenada Day
2016 Blue Week - Day 1. May 14th

Launch of Blue Week, Blue Grenada, emphasizes the opportunities for realizing Blue Growth and Food Security in Grenada. Organized by the Government of Grenada.


  • Minister Roland Bhola, Minister for Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture, Grenada - Blue Growth and Food Security
  • Minister Yolande Bain-Horsford, Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Grenada - Blue Growth and Tourism
  • Ambassador Angus Friday - Blue Growth and National Development Implementation
  • Raymond Moldenhaeur - Cohesive Vision for Grenada’s Blue Master Plan.
  • Pitches for Investment by Grenadian businesses under the following Blue Growth themes:
    • Fisheries and Aquaculture & Coastal Communities
    • Tourism & Coastal Communities
    • Marine Protected Areas & Coastal Communities
    • Marine Industries & Coastal Communities

“In addition to tourism, conserving our marine environment will form the ongoing basis of our economy. Grenada wants to become a leading example for the blue economy.”

Dr. Angus Friday, Ambassador to the United States of America and Mexico, Permanent Representative to the Organisation of American States and Blue Week Director