Why Blue Week?

The Grenada Blue Week and Investment Conference represents a response to major recent developments in the global oceans agenda:
  • The adoption of the Agenda 203025 Sustainable Development Goals - by the United Nations in 2015, including the sustainable development goal 14 on oceans and seas, and;
  • The Paris Agreement, the international climate change agreement which establishes a new regime for all nations to move to a low-carbon economy, making deep cuts in greenhouse emissions.
Ocean Investments

will bring together ocean-related investments into a coherent package of bankable projects

Blue Action

“move the needle” on ocean health through investment in Blue Growth and Food Security.


Contribute to increasing the economic benefits of SIDS from the sustainable use of marine resources, including through sustainable management of ocean resources and tourism.

Blue Grenada

Identify key blue growth objectives and attract sustainable investments to support long-term “blue” development

“New technologies are needed to map, photograph and explore the 95 percent of the ocean that we have yet to see. The goal is to protect biodiversity, to provide stability and resilience. We need deep-diving subs, new technologies to explore the ocean.”

Dr. Sylvia Earle, President and Chairman of the Sylvia Earle Alliance (S.E.A)