SIDS Day, 2016 Blue Week - Day 2. May 15

SIDS and the Caribbean Challenge Initiative, reviews progress and outlines next steps. CCI is a regional effort, currently involving 10 governments and 15 companies, and several partners to galvanize leadership, financial resources, and regional collaboration to conserve and sustainably manage the marine and coastal environments, the “natural capital” as essential pillars for a prosperous and sustainable Blue Growth economy. 

Organized by The Nature Conservancy and the Caribbean Challenge Initiative.



SIDS and the Blue Guardians

SIDS and the Blue Guardians emphasizes the imperative of high-level political engagement in achieving Blue Growth and food security, and the value of technological approaches to enhancing sustainable development of developing countries and SIDS.
Organized by the Clinton Climate Initiative.




Blue Guardians Partnership Established to Protect Oceans and Improve Small Island Resiliency

Blue Guardians is a partnership established by the governments of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) through SIDS DOCK, a renewable energy initiative that connects the energy sector in SIDS with the global market for finance. The partnership includes leading private sector technology and data providers, including DigitalGlobe; the Clinton Climate Initiative, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation; multi-lateral development organizations, including the World Bank; and conservation NGOs such as Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and GRID-Arendal.

SIDS contribute the least to climate change, yet are feeling the greatest impact of its consequences. Climate adaptation for many of these countries is a matter of survival. While small in landmass, SIDS govern over vast territorial oceans and coastlines when their exclusive economic zones are included. These areas are threatened by climate change, leading to increased ocean acidification, decline in fisheries, and more frequent and severe storms. Historically, development of these huge ocean spaces and their abundant, and often unknown, marine resources have largely been limited to fisheries, tourism, and fossil fuel extraction.

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  • Kenred Dorsett (Minister of Environment and Housing, Government of The Bahamas; CCI Council Co-Chair) - Caribbean Challenge Overview and Major progress in The Bahamas.
  • Dymphna Van Der Lans, Clinton Climate Initiative - About The Blue Guardians.
  • Yabanex Batista (CEO of Caribbean Biodiversity Fund) - Current Caribbean Challenge Financial Architecture: Caribbean Biodiversity Fund and associated national trust funds,
  • Rob Weary (Senior Finance Specialist, The Nature Conservancy) - Debt-for-Coastal Adaptation Swaps Initiative.
  • Overview of proposed, multi-country debt swaps initiative in the Caribbean,
  • KEYNOTE and panel on The Post Paris Agenda for Oceans, Coasts and Islands.


"Oceans are the largest natural carbon sinks on earth"

Dymphna van der Lans, CEO of the Clinton Climate Initiative.